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Definition of Anointing is  power that comes out of the Holy Spirit who is in righteous people. If there is anointing, there must be the Holy Spirit, and it can not be separated.

Actually in our lives as children of God, we already have the Holy Spirit and power. Therefore we enabled to do anything as well: heal the sick, perform miracles, cast out demons.

Anointing cause of faith in our bodies are experiencing growth.

Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit are one. If there’s no Holy Spirit the Father and Jesus too. Understanding of life the anointing actually is life in the protection of the authority of the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

If we worship and pray, does not mean we see one of them, but we actually met
three of them (the trinity of God). The Holy Spirit helps us pray in tongues. Jesus and the Father are one unity until now. So when we pray and talk with the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit knows and all three remain present.

People who live without the Holy Spirit and the anointing, he will not have any faith. Actually, the seal Word, who teaches, who reminded the Word in our lives is the Holy Spirit. Faith indeed arise from hearing the Word, but the seal’s Word in a person’s heart is the Holy Spirit. So, without guidance and teaching of the Holy Spirit, the Word will pass and die. Because there is the Holy Spirit, the Word was sealed in place in our hearts and our lives. Finally, faith will arise in our lives.

March 11, 2010


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