Build our spirit

Did you know that God really wants you to have a strong human spirit? It is a man who has the fear of God, the man who loves God with all his heart, soul, strength and his mind, the man who wanted  to spend time alone with God, to worship him, to praise him, to glorify him with all the heart, to thank him with a full heart, the man that has wanted it to shut down their own needs and conquered under the will of God, the man who truly humble himself under the word of God.

Because the Word of God says:

“For whoever exalts himself, he will be humbled and whoever humbles himself, he shall be exalted.” (Luke 14:11)

Joshua is a good example. He was a servant to Moses, once again, the servant of Moses. Moses accompany Israel for about 40 years, ranging from Egypt to reach beyond the Jordan, and after that God choose Joshua who has successfully managed to bring Israel into the promised land.

Since when Joshua be the servant of Moses?

Then answered Joshua son of Nun, who from his young servant Moses: “My lord Moses, forbid them!” (Numbers 11:28)

Apparently, since he was young Joshua served Moses. If we mean a young age as “below the age of 30 years”, when Joshua died at the age of 110 years (Joshua 24:29) and if he succeeded Moses since the age of 70 years, then for about 40 years Joshua has been devoted to Moses.

Forty years of service to someone is not a short time, during which Joshua showed extraordinary loyalty to his master: Moses. It seems very interesting that Joshua is the activity of Moses – his master – note the following paragraph:.

And the Lord spoke to Moses face to face talk with friends, and then returned to the camp. But the servant, Joshua son of Nun, a young man, not to leave the camp. (Exodus 33: 11)

Behold, when Moses spoke to God in the Tabernacle of meeting, and Joshua, faithful waiting at the entrance to the Tabernacle of meeting.

Exodus 24:13-15

Then Moses and Joshua, his servant, Moses ascended the mountain of God.  But to the elders, he said: “Stay here waiting for us, until we come back to you, instead of Aaron and Hur are with you, that’s going to come to them.”  Then Moses ascended the mountain and clouds cover him.

Only Moses who ascended to the top of the mountain of God, and Joshua, live at the foot of the mountain waiting for Moses faithfully. Moses for 40 days and 40 nights in the mountains without food, without drink.

After I ascended the mountain to receive the tablets of stone tablets that the agreement bound the LORD with you, so I stayed forty days and forty nights while in the mountains, and eat  no bread and drink no water. (Deuteronomy 9:9).

A slave of God received statement of the Spirit of God, that in addition to Moses, Joshua, apparently – at the foot of Mount Horeb – also did the same thing: he fasted for 40 days and 40 nights, without eating and drinking well. That is loyalty and integrity are highly unusual.

My brother in the Lord, I am personally very interested in Joshua, I want to learn from the resilience of Joshua!

When Moses finished his term, then God already has the option of replacing: Joshua !!!!!!!

See, … What is Joshua, loyalty, integrity, toughness, all neatly recorded in the heart of God. So God did not hesitate to use Joshua to replace Moses, because Joshua has been tested for decades.

My brother in God,

We should be ashamed of God, if during the time that come to him only if we face the problem. We find Him if we lack the money, if we are sick or have sick family members. Too easy-so the Lord bless us with financial wealth, but does everything makes us love him? I am sure that when dedicated to Moses, Joshua has no desire to be famous and respectable. His “Instinct”, was only to serve his master as well, and continue to search for spiritual things, but the same thing that makes the heart of God attracted to Joshua.

Based on that,

I dedicated my time at least one hour a day to be alone with God, I learned how to pray, I learned to direct my thought to Him. I have learned to sit quietly closed eyes, directs this heart to the Lord Almighty, until I suddenly wanted to cry. Although I’m not sad, but I cried at the sight of God. I learned that under these conditions, God actually touched me. This is a situation that is difficult to describe. Admiration, respect, admiration.

When this continues my experience almost every day, then – whether it began when – I’m not easily hurt, free of medicines and doctors. Even more than that. When I face sick people, I laid hand on the sick, God heals the sick. It turned out that by taking time for one hour a day to be alone with God, to communicate from heart to heart with God, there is a lot that God has provided, among others: the gift of healing. But something else is more important: God made me even more thirsty and hungry for Him, the more makes me mad with God.

Without my knowledge, that I did, I build the human spirit. I’m sure that anyone can do more than I did.

Love Jesus, find Him every day. Don’t just search for His blessing, but seek Him, miss Him , find His words, such as searching for gold jewelry, until he can’t resist the temptation to see you. Embrace Him, don’t release Him, but talk: “Jesus, hold me, don’t leave me, teach me …”

God bless you.

Indonesia, May 17, 2010


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