Gift of prophecy

The Apostle Paul explained the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, and one of them is the gift of prophecy (1 Cor 12:10). The gift of prophecy if  working, it will encourage someone who has the gift to speak in the name of God with particular encouragement. The following story is one of the authors have ever experienced when I had to deliver a prophecy.

Not long ago we finished praying, when my brother came together with his wife.

“She asked for prayer” said my young brother.

Our previous: brother number two, my brother number two and three (the youngest), and myself; four of us doing the prayer of worship. Before that, in my childhood church in worship, GKBI, at the time of the Lord’s Supper, Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, so the three of us had the gift of the Holy Spirit to lay our hands to our youngest brother. Then we raise the praise, we worship, and encouraged to talk in language of Spirit. I felt the strong presence of God, so that – as usual – I shed a tear. Many things God did for our family, so that the “ritual” which more or less 30 minutes was truly blessed our family. But this time, my young brother’s wife not joined , because there was other matters in the eldest brother’s house.

“She asked for prayer” my young brother said to represent his wife.

I silently begged the Holy Spirit to do something, because I have not yet to get an idea what should pray. I just believe that if someone is compelled ask for prayer, there must be “something” is pushing it, and if “something” that is God, or Holy Spirit, then surely he himself would do his part. It’s what I believe.

Then again we entered the living room of my youngest brother, and we start again by raising the praise, followed by worship. My old brother began to pray for a child of my  youngest brother, then also pray for my youngest brother’s wife. While my old brother prayed, the Holy Spirit in my heart said: “prophesy, …” Praise God, I know what I should do,…

After my brother finished praying, it’s my turn to pray for my young brother’s wife.

“This mouth is going to be used by God preach the gospel” is the first sentence that I say about woman to whom I pray. Suddenly I felt the anointing is so strong that suddenly filled my head, and with half-crying I continue, …

“Yes, your mouth will be used by God to preach the gospel. Tongue and your lips will be used to proclaim the truth of the Word of God, bringing many people to know God correctly, .. “I half-shouted by the Spirit of Prophecy encouragement.

The next sentences I can not remember anymore. Because it was not  something I planned.

A few days later my sister in law sent me  an sms (short message): “Greetings brothers, after I received the anointing of you, as there is new strength to me, …

Thank God.


Paul says that the gift of the Spirit is to build yourself, while the gift of prophecy is to build the church. Prophesy is a gift, one of the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Gift of prophecy can be asked for, of course, a matter given or not is up to God, because He has his own considerations. But if you feel called to build the church of Christ, to bring people to know Jesus more closely, then the “call” it may be a sign that God really wants you to ask for the gift of prophecy.

Why need to be asked for?

If God gives a gift to one of His servants, He has a purpose connected with that gift. If God chose you to be part of “carpenters and masons” of “building the kingdom of God”, then God will give gift (eg – prophesy) to you. Once you received the gift of the Spirit, then you should start moving with that gift.

If Mina describes the Holy Spirit (only 1 mina ) , then the gift of the Holy Spirit describes Talents (nine major gifts).

The presence of the Holy Spirit gift will make someone “agile” to move in these domains. But if the gift of the Holy Spirit harbored, it  is like keeping talent. And we know what’s the punishment for someone whose bury the talent, …

The prophecy is produced by the impulse of the Holy Spirit, if the results of our own mind, there will be no encouragement that accompany the pronunciation of a prophecy, its name is: you have created.



2 Peter 1:21 for prophecy never produced by the human will, but by the Holy Spirit urge people to speak on behalf of God.

Acts 6:10 but they were not able to resist the wisdom and the spirit by which he spoke.

Rev 19:10 Then I fell down at his feet to worship him, but he said to me: ‘Do not do this! I am a servant, same as you and your brothers, who have the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! Because the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.


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