In May 2010 elders of mine was invited to serve to an island in Indonesia, into a church Christians are not too large. The Pastor is a young man, I call his name as Mr Tony (not his real name). He’s very friendly, but There is something strange about him, because his behavior like a woman. Turns out he is a Gay, ie someone who is physically male, but was more interested (sexually) with male, so he included the homosexual (lovers kind).

After the completion of worship, our elders meet the pastor, and told him that there is a female spirit in him (spirit that causes Mr Tony to has women’s character ), and then they got involved counseling, more less like this:

“Mr Tony, Holy Spirit tells me that there is a women spirit within you. This spirit of woman should be kicked out of yourself, so as not to impede the your ministry” said elders of mine.
“This is what I’ve been waiting for. I certainly did not tell anyone about what occurred within me. I’ve always prayed to God for this problem. As long as there are many servants of the Lord came here, the past (if I’m not mistaken) from Malaysia, but he did not say any of which actually happened in me. Thank God, today I believe that God sent you to tell my situation and help me, and I feel very grateful.
Thanks the Lord. “Said the pastor.
Then he told, …
“I am child number three. I have two older brother but no older sister. When I was in the womb, my parents were so sure and wish I was born female. So before I born, my mother has been preparing for baby clothes women, for girls. Instead he chose a pink for my clothes. “said the pastor.
“Then I was born, male infant.  Subsequently grew into a teenager, but I am not at all attracted to the opposite sex women), but my desire just at men. Since I do not want to sin, then I choose Bible school, I chose to become a pastor. Anyway, my position as pastor will prevent me from bad trends. One day someone called me for a date with me “
“Did you go out with him?”
“No, I didn’t go with him, and never … “
The Holy Spirit tells us that indeed Mr Tony has never sinned should carried out homosexuals.
Mr Tony was living in a church building at the same time a manse, with the occupants of about five people, all-male. Strangely, he felt very comfortable in between church workers.
Although he is physically a man, but he delighted, and felt like a mother for His colleagues Workers. Affairs kitchen, cooking him. I had time to enjoy his cooking, well, delicious once, the ingredients just right, especially sauces, …
“I often feel myself like a princess surrounded by the men around me. However, awareness I say that what I experienced is not normal “Continued the pastor pack.
Elder of mine explain chronological events suffered a homosexual (gay). That because parents Tony is hoping the pack with their third baby manifold female, so when Mr Tony was born, they very disappointed, perhaps even shock. Usually they will say: “Wow, male again, …”
The complaint then the baby feels the spirit disproven, so the soul “cracked”, then opened crack for evil spirits to enter (which gives properties) women on these baby. In progress hereinafter, “the spirit of immigrants” it took over control soul of the child, thus forming character a woman.
After the counseling is adequate, and Mr. Tony consciously open your heart to be released from the spirit- spirit that caused him to be a gay man (Homosexual), then began the disposal service.
Driven out the spirit of rejection, hurt soul, spirit flirtatious, and spirit of women. Mr Tony vomiting, spirit- spirits came out.
Completion of disposal, Mr Tony said: “Mother, now I feel different. Suddenly, I longed for marriage to a woman, a woman who became my ribs. “
Workers friends see the changes that occur on Mr Tony, there was a whisper: “Well, now Mr Tony was walking with a gallant “.
If you believe in the work of the Holy Spirit, and open hearts to be released from unclean spirits, then a homosexual, both Gay and Lesbian, still has hopes to be a normal.
“If a man or a woman possessed by spirits psychic or spirit, they must have been executed, they must stoned and their blood to their own hit. “(Leviticus 20:27)

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